Iteration. My go-to word lately. Mostly it has been with colleagues who are developing written materials. For some reason, they expect their first draft to me to be perfect and ready to submit. It never is ready for submission on the first go and they feel as though they have failed. The truth is writing is very much about writing, then re-writing, then re-writing, then re-writing again. Iteration. Generally speaking, we write a first draft to get thoughts down. The second draft fills in the holes. The third draft focuses our message. Then subsequent edits fine tune our message.

And so it goes when we are considering a professional change. So many individuals I speak with who are considering starting a side project or starting a side business want to get everything perfect before they launch. I strongly believe you need to put the best product or service forward you can at the very beginning, but I also believe strongly in iterating. Take action toward your goal even if it isn’t perfect, then keep refining it. Put business processes in place then improve them. Brainstorm a business name then come back to it a week later. Write a blog post then edit it the next day before you publish.

Just start. Then iterate.

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