Hitting the Wall (Before I Even Start)

Today is my first day back from a mini-vacation – five days visiting old friends. I needed a break to decompress, to relax, and to simply laugh. Getting up this morning, I felt energized and ready to make progress on where I want to take my business. I had even made some notes on the flight back. But then, the reality of all the things I needed to do hit me. Not only the things I need to do for the business, but all of life’s stuff. It seems that when I sit down and face the blank page/screen/white board, my mind finds anything and everything else to focus on. I hit the wall before I even started.

To make myself feel as though I was productive, I made a list of things I needed to get done and proceeded to check things off. Look how much I accomplished! The problem is the most important work I needed to do; the work that will help me accomplish my goals was pushed to the side. I have been busy, but not productive. I had not taken even the smallest step toward true progress. I hit the wall before I even started and then I backed up and kept ramming in to it giving myself the illusion of progress. I was in a battle with my own mind. And, it was winning.

The good news is I caught myself. My business is important to me.  So after an hour of beating myself up for wasting time, I got off of the mental merry-go-round, disconnected my computer and moved to the sofa to give myself a change of scenery. I opened Word and started typing. I stopped thinking about the mountain and took one small step.

Movement in the right direction matters. So when those times come when you hit the wall. Move. One foot in front of the other. One typed word at a time. Whatever your small steps are, take them. Start. And keep starting until you finish. And then start something else.

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