Life in the 21st Century

I was raised to believe I would go to college, get a job, and stay in the job until I turned 65 and retired. I would live in the same town for most if not all of that career. I would work hard, maybe move up one or two spots in the company, and after 40 years collect a retirement. It was then that I would start to live the life I wanted.

That just isn't me. I am a multi-interest person who can't imagine spending 40 years with the same company, doing the same type of work. And even if that is what I wanted, today's (and tomorrow's) workforce won't let me.

Many things interest me and many things just pop in my mind everyday and engage my curiosity. Writing about these interests and talking with others with similar and not similar views helps me expand and also add clarity to my thinking.

I am interested to hear from you. What you think, what is on your mind, and what you are curious about. I hope you enjoy my musings!